Our aim is giving Our Customers a “Red Carpet Service”.
We don’t have sales people, “Just real people that are skilled in what is needed to do your job”


Shortcut has been established in 1999 with a previous industry experience.

Last Years Shortcut has experienced rapid growth through our dedicated team of enthusiastic, creative and technical professionals whom enabled our clients to achieve & communicate effectively with their target customers.

Shortcut has provided its services to a broad range of clients in many market sectors. We have delivered a powerful combination of passion, expertise and creativity to exceed our customer expectations


Our role is not simply to ‘take your order’ and then place your business with others.

Shortcut will work with you right from the initial enquiry to ensure you get the solution you want not those we want to sell.

     Our aim is giving Our Customers a

“Red Carpet Service”.

3d Solutions

  • Exhibitions Solutions
  • Displays Solutions
  • Events Solutions:
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Award Ceremonies & Grand Opening
  • Public Relation Events
  • Corporate Activity Days
  • Fashion-Shows & Live Concerts
  • Product launches
  • Gala Dinners

2d Solutions

  • Corporate Branding Solutions
  • Printing Solutions
  • Advertising Solutions
  • Outdoor Solutions

Marketing Services

  • Sponsorship Management
  • Road Shows
  • Product launches
  • In store Promotions
  • D2D Campaigns
  • Summer Events
  • Back 2 School Promotions
  • Direct Marketing


Events Management Solutions

  • FREE Venue Finding Inside &/or Outside Cairo
  • Strategic Event Planning
  • Creative Event design
  • Handling The Invitation Process
  • Full Registration Service
  • Full Audio/Visual Equipment Hire
  • Full Technical Support
  • Furniture & Setup Hire
  • Design Of Lighting Concepts and Special Effects
  • Entertainment, Scripting, speaker training and Themes
  • Organise External Events – offsite Dinners &Tours
  • On Site Management To Ensure the Smooth Running Of Your Event
  • Post Event Analysis / Debrief Meeting

Logistics & Production Solutions

  • Produce Badges, Signage & personalized Documentation
  • Produce Welcome Packs & Brochures
  • Promotional Material Logistics
  • Custom Stand / Stage Construction, Transportation, Maintenance & Installation
  • Modular Panel Stands Hiring & Installation
  • Multimedia & Documentary Video Production
  • Photo & Video Event Documentation
  • Any Storage Needed
  • Insurance, Legislation & Security
  • Any Workshops Needed (In-house &/or Out-sourcing)
  • International Exhibition Stand
  • Shipping Services


Shortcut has a young experienced, highly talented team who is qualified to a high standard. with a fully fitted workshop, enabling clients to promote and further their business.

Despite the large quantity

High-quality projects you see on this Presentation we have managed to stay personalized. Innovators in the industry, we are a group of “off-the-wall” people that click together in an exciting, fun and motivated atmosphere, having a genuine desire to ensure that you, as a client, is100% happy with the job we do.

We make a policy of allowing all clients to discuss their project with any key person in the company. When you have a problem, suggestion or would just like to keep in touch with any stage of your project you are welcome to contact the relevant person directly.

In fact, we don’t have sales people, “Just real people that are skilled in what is needed to do your job”


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